Roles & Responsibilities

The Local Service District Advisory Committee advises and assists the minister through the Local Services Manager in the following areas:

  1. Preparation of a yearly budget and the establishment of the local tax rate annually;
  2. Day-to-day administration of the Local Service District;
  3. Inventory control and insurance of assets, which are held in trust by the Minister on behalf of the LSD;
  4. Community planning matters, upon the Minister’s request;
  5. Organizing and/or chairing Advisory Committee meetings as required, as well as other community meetings announced by the Minister. In addition, an Advisory Committee member may be requested by the Minister to become a member of a Commission or Board from the the LSD receives services;
  6. Provision of fire protections services are the responsibility of the Department through the Local Services Manager. he or she may consult with the Advisory Committee and/or Fire Chief when deemed necessary.

For further information, contact the Local Services Manager for the Hampton area, which includes the Local Service District of Simonds, at 506-832-6000.