What is a Local Service District?

The New Brunswick Department of the Environment & Local Government provides residents of the unincorporated areas of New Brunswick with a variety of services such as fire protection, solid waste collection and disposal, and street lighting.

What is an LSD Advisory Committee?

To assist the department in providing local services and to ensure the input of residents, the Municipalities Act provides for the election of Local Service District Advisory Committees. These committees work closely with the Department’s regional Local Services Managers by advising and consulting on local concerns.

What is the Authority of the LSD Advisory Committee?

The Advisory Committee is created under the authority provided by the Municipalities Act. The Local Service District Advisory Committee has no financial or contractual authority. The Minister, through the Local Services Manager, is responsible for the administration of the district, including provision of local services and the expending of public funds.

What areas are included in the Local Service District of Simonds?

The LSD of Simonds includes the communities of Baxter’s Corner, Black River, Cape Spencer, Coleraine, Gardner Creek, Garnett Settlement, Grove Hill, Mispec, Primrose, Rowley, Tynemouth Creek, Upper Golden Grove, Upper Loch Lomond, West Beach and Willow Grove.

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What is the purpose of this website?

Your elected LSD Advisory Committee will use this website to announce community meetings, to post minutes from committee meetings, and to share notices about special events and issues concerning the people of the Local Service District of Simonds.

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